An interview with Steelhawks mascot, Talon!

Favorite Song- Jump Around

Favorite Movie- Space Cowboys

Favorite Food- Rice Pudding
Favorite Color- Black and Gold
Favorite Place to hang out- Rascals Fun Center
Favorite Off Season Activity- Hanging out with Family and Friends
Favorite In Season Activity- Entertaining People and Telling them about the Steelhawks
Best Part of Steelhawk Games- Smiling Faces and Steelhawk Wins
Best Part of being the Steelhawks Mascot- Representing a Great Organization that is SO Fan friendly and Making people laugh.
Funniest Moment at a Steelhawks Game- A lady put me in a headlock because I tried to walk away with her purse and Security defended the lady…SO FUNNY
If you could play for the Steelhawks. What position would you play?- I’d be the Kick Off Kicker….I’d Kick the ball to the other team and then RUN to the bench,,,,(I’m Scared of ALL those Big Guys in opposite uniforms)
How Do you get ready for all the fun and excitement of Steelhawks games? I show up about 2 hours before doors open and walk around entire arena and then when I see people at the door The excitement begins…