Hometown: Oxford, NJ

Dance Experience: Mary Jo grew up dancing at Nardi Dance Studio, and performed there for 14 years. She studied ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, pointe, theatre, and hip hop. Mary Jo received her BA in Dance Education and Performance from Cedar Crest College in January 2008. Mary Jo is employed by Nardi Dance Studio, and has worked as a dance instructor since 2010.

Hobbies: Swimming, Shopping, Going out dancing with my girls, Singing, Acting, and taking as many dance classes as I can.

Pets: Cat- “Snuggie”, 3 Dogs- “Brady”, “Lucky”, and “Finny”

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Song: “WannaBe” by The Spice Girls

Favorite Movie: All of the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies

Favorite Place to Shop: H&M

Favorite Candy: Ghiaredehlli Dark Chocolate

Most Prized Possession: My collection of feather headbands

If you could be anyone in the world who would it be: Ginger Rodgers or Jennifer Grey

Most exciting part about being a Precious Metal Dancer: Being able to dance with a great group of girls who are just as excited as I am about dancing and performing